List of Figures

Screenshot Using a Web-Enabled Phone to Make Reservations

Screenshot Using a PDA for Customer Signature Capture

Screenshot Using a Mobile Phone to Play a Game

Screenshot Signal Strength Feedback on a Mobile Phone

Screenshot Animation Indicating Activity

Screenshot Alternate, Device-Dependant Layouts for an app

Screenshot Partial Mock-up for SmartTicket

Screenshot Screen Layout

Screenshot Titles and Tickers on Structured and Unstructured Screens

Screenshot Not Recommended: Title Does Not Wrap on Word Boundaries

Screenshot Clipped Title Shown with an Ellipsis

Screenshot Reference Implementation Indicators and Labels

Screenshot Exclusive-Choice, Multiple-Choice, and Implicit Lists

Screenshot Highlighting That Shows Focus, Not Selection

Screenshot Highlighting That Shows Focus and Selection

Screenshot No Reverse-Video Highlighting on the Graphic or Image

Screenshot Screen Title That Instructs Users

Screenshot Exclusive-Choice Lists

Screenshot Implicit List with Only the Default SELECT_COMMAND

Screenshot Implicit List with an Abstract Command for SELECT_COMMAND

Screenshot Implicit List with an Abstract Command and an Implied Action

Screenshot SmartTicket's Implicit List with Additional Abstract Commands

Screenshot Text Box on a Mobile Phone

Screenshot Text Field with a NUMERIC Constraint

Screenshot Text Field with a DECIMAL Constraint

Screenshot Sentence Capitalization and Word Capitalization Modifiers

Screenshot PASSWORD Modifier

Screenshot UNEDITABLE Modifier

Screenshot Input Mode Indicators

Screenshot Symbol Table for Entering Characters

Screenshot Form Screens

Screenshot Context-Sensitive Form

Screenshot Not Recommended: Label Does Not Wrap on Word Boundaries

Screenshot Differentiating Labels and Their Items on a Mobile Phone

Screenshot Vertical and Horizontal Placement Directives in a Form

Screenshot Effect of Multiple New Lines in a String Item

Screenshot Scroll Indicators at the Top, Middle, and Bottom of a Form

Screenshot Traversal Highlight in the MIDP Reference Implementation

Screenshot Not Recommended: Traversal Highlight on Noninteractive Item

Screenshot Selection Highlight

Screenshot Item Label on a Form

Screenshot Item Commands

Screenshot An Image Item on a Form

Screenshot A String Item on a Form

Screenshot Hyperlink String When It Has Focus

Screenshot Form without a Button

Screenshot Form with Two Buttons

Screenshot Neutral and Focus States of Button Items

Screenshot Text Field on a Form

Screenshot Showing Focus for Text Fields

Screenshot A Date Field on a Form

Screenshot Editing a Date Field on a Separate Screen

Screenshot Gauge on a Mobile Phone

Screenshot Interactive Gauge

Screenshot Interactive Gauge with and without User Focus

Screenshot Progress Bar

Screenshot Incremental-Running and Incremental-Idle Gauges

Screenshot Continuous-Running and Continuous-Idle Gauges

Screenshot Additional Information on the Form with a Gauge

Screenshot Presentations for Different Kinds of Choice Groups

Screenshot Exclusive-Choice on a Form and in a Screen

Screenshot A Custom Item on a Form

Screenshot Custom Item with a Traversal Highlight

Screenshot Alert Screen with Title, Image, and Text

Screenshot Modal and Timed Alerts with a Similar Look

Screenshot Modal Alert with a Title

Screenshot Alert with a Progress Gauge

Screenshot app-Defined Soft Label to Dismiss a Modal Alert

Screenshot Label for a Soft Button to Dismiss a Modal Alert

Screenshot Alert with a Command of Type STOP

Screenshot An Alert with an INFO Alert Type

Screenshot An Alert with a WARNING Alert Type

Screenshot An Alert with an ERROR Alert Type

Screenshot An Alert with an ALARM Alert Type

Screenshot An Alert with a CONFIRMATION Alert Type

Screenshot SmartTicket's Canvas Screen

Screenshot WormGame Canvas with and without a Title or Ticker

Screenshot Mapping of Common Game Actions on a PDA

Screenshot Mapping the Digit Key Events onto a QWERTY Keyboard

Screenshot Onscreen Representation of a Phone Keypad on a PDA

Screenshot Coordinate System

Screenshot A Pixel in the Coordinate System

Screenshot Filled Rectangle

Screenshot Drawing a Rectangle

Screenshot Progress Gauge with Same-Size Hollow and Filled Rectangles

Screenshot Anchor Points and Their Effects

Screenshot Unstructured Screen with and without Phone Keypad

Screenshot Canvas Designed for a Small Screen on a Large Screen

Screenshot Rectangle Redrawn between Two Selectable Seats

Screenshot Positioning a Sprite

Screenshot A Sprite's Reference Pixel

Screenshot Tiled Layer and Tiles

Screenshot Different Tile Arrangements Form Different Game Layers

Screenshot Different Tile Groups Form Different Themes

Screenshot View Window Showing Part of a Game Canvas

Screenshot Screen with OK and CANCEL Abstract Commands

Screenshot Abstract Command's Long and Short Labels

Screenshot Abstract Commands of the Same Type with Different Labels

Screenshot System Menu

Screenshot SmartTicket on a Mobile Phone

Screenshot Paired Actions in an Earlier Version of SmartTicket

Screenshot MIDlet and Native app Icons on the Launcher

Screenshot List of MIDlets That Users Can Install or Update

Screenshot Confirmation Screen before a MIDlet Installation

Screenshot Changing From Installation to Update of a MIDlet Suite

Screenshot Screen for Finishing an Installation

Screenshot Error Message for a MIDlet Installation Problem

Screenshot Single MIDlet Launched Immediately

Screenshot Launching a MIDlet through a MIDlet Chooser Screen

Screenshot MIDP 1.0 Reference Implementation's app Launcher

Screenshot app Launcher to MIDlet Chooser Screen

Screenshot Not Recommended: Return to the MIDlet Chooser Screen

Screenshot Return to the app Launcher Screen

Screenshot Information about the Games MIDlet Suite

Screenshot Palm OS Information on the Games MIDlet Suite

Screenshot Confirmation Screen for Updating a MIDlet Suite

Screenshot Confirmation Screen for Saving a MIDlet Suite's Data

Screenshot Confirmation Screen for Removing a MIDlet Suite

Screenshot Confirmation Screen with the Text Message from the JAD File

Screenshot Deleting a MIDlet Suite From a Palm OS Device

Screenshot Good Error Message

Screenshot Not Recommended: Poor Error Messages

Screenshot Options for Handling Pushed Messages

Screenshot Error Message Reporting a Connection Conflict

Screenshot News Hound Using Push Functionality

Screenshot Help Screen for Security Information

Screenshot Permission Request for the User

Screenshot Trust Level on Confirmation Screen during Installation

Screenshot Untrusted MIDlet Suite Requiring Protected Functions

Screenshot Straightforward, Yes-or-No Permission Request

Screenshot Not Recommended: Combined Permission Request and Level-Setting

Screenshot MIDP Reference Implementation's Settings User Interface

Screenshot Access to Security Settings

Screenshot Permission Settings User Interface

Screenshot Screens during Installation of a Push-Enabled MIDlet Suite

Screenshot Interruption Alert

Screenshot Settings for the Interruption Behavior of the Push Technology

Screenshot Exclusive-Choice List

Screenshot SmartTicket Canvas

Screenshot Push Puzzle Game

Screenshot Help Screen That Explains How to Use a Canvas

Screenshot Buttons on a Native app and a MIDP app

Screenshot State Change When Abstract Command Is Touched