Gauges in Alerts

An app developer can associate a gauge with an alert to show activity or progress. For example, Screenshot shows an alert that uses a gauge to let the user know that activity is taking place.

Screenshot Alert with a Progress Gauge

Java graphics 09fig04.gif

Strongly Recommend: Java graphics bulb1_icon.gif Gauges in an alert must be noninteractive. Appropriate gauges to show that activity is taking place are continuous, incremental, and progress.

Strongly Recommend: Java graphics bulb1_icon.gif Gauges used in an alert cannot have a label, layout directives, or a set height or width. You cannot associate a command with the gauge (although you can associate commands with the alert). In other words, you cannot set item attributes for a gauge in an alert, as you can for one in a form.

See "Gauges" on page 107 for more information on gauges and how to use them.