Removing MIDlet Suites

Users must remove an entire MIDlet suite; MIDlets cannot be removed from their MIDlet suites.

MIDP Implementors

Recommend: Java graphics bulb2_icon.gif Confirm that users want to remove a MIDlet suite before deleting it from the device. Tell them what is in the suite, and that removing the suite also removes its associated data. Screenshot shows the relevant screen in the MIDP 2.0 Reference Implementation.

Screenshot Confirmation Screen for Removing a MIDlet Suite

Java graphics 13fig17.gif

If the MIDlet suite's JAD file included a text message to show to users being asked to confirm the deletion of the MIDlet suite, include it on the Confirmation screen. (The message is the value of the MIDlet-Delete-Confirm attribute.) In Screenshot, the MIDlet-Delete-Confirm attribute contained the string, "PushPuzzle is a really cool app, and should not be removed."

Screenshot Confirmation Screen with the Text Message from the JAD File

Java graphics 13fig18.gif

MIDP Implementors

Recommend: Java graphics bulb2_icon.gif If the device has a standard mechanism for removing native apps, leverage that mechanism for MIDlet suites. For example, Sun's MIDP for Palm OS, shown in Screenshot, uses the standard Palm OS app deletion functionality, although it means that the contents of the MIDlet suite are not listed.

Screenshot Deleting a MIDlet Suite From a Palm OS Device

Java graphics 13fig19.gif