Discovering MIDlet Suites

The app that enables users to discover MIDlets is often a browser. Note, though, that the browser does not manage apps. Similarly, a MIDlet does not run in a browser; it is not an applet. The MIDP runtime launches and manages the life cycle of a MIDlet.

MIDP Implementors

Consider: Have the app used to discover MIDlets launch an installer if the user chooses to download a MIDlet. The browser should not do the installation.

Recommend: Java graphics bulb2_icon.gif Work with service providers to determine how users will find MIDlets to install or update. Possibilities include giving users a list of MIDlets available from the service provider (a walled garden), allowing users to choose among MIDlets from "approved" sites on the network, and so on. Screenshot shows an example of a mobile phone that gives users a list of MIDlets to install or update and an example of an approved site to browse for MIDlets.

Screenshot List of MIDlets That Users Can Install or Update

Java graphics 13fig02.gif

It will be easiest for users if they do not have to enter a URL, which can be tedious on a phone keypad. Instead, give users access to a list of MIDlets from the service provider, or a list of approved web sites from which to choose MIDlets, so that typically they do not have to enter a web address.