Title and Ticker

A canvas screen can have a title and ticker, just as the high-level screens do. The title and ticker take away space from the content region of a canvas screen, however. The canvas has more space for content without them. Notice the difference in the space available for the drawing of the game screen in Screenshot. Displaying a canvas without a title or ticker is called full-screen mode. (See "Full-Screen Mode" on page 38 for more information on how the screen can change.)

Screenshot WormGame Canvas with and without a Title or Ticker

Java graphics 10fig02.gif

app Developers

Strongly Recommend: Java graphics bulb1_icon.gif Decide whether to use a title or ticker before displaying the canvas. If you go to full-screen mode after a canvas has been displayed, the canvas will have to be redrawn. Redrawing the canvas to resize the content area interrupts the user and can be disconcerting.