Traversal and Selection Highlighting

A MIDP implementation shows users where they are in a form as they traverse through it by changing the appearance (highlighting) of the item that has focus. For example, as shown in Screenshot, the MIDP Reference Implementation uses a gray line.

Strongly Recommend: Java graphics bulb1_icon.gif Use a traversal highlight only on interactive items. The MIDP Reference Implementation uses a traversal highlight for every item in a form. Screenshot shows an example of this behavior. User feedback indicates that this is not always the best solution.

Screenshot Not Recommended: Traversal Highlight on Noninteractive Item

Java graphics 07fig09.gif

Screenshot Traversal Highlight in the MIDP Reference Implementation

Java graphics 07fig08.gif

In addition to the traversal highlight, the MIDP implementation can provide a selection highlight. This is useful within items, such as choice groups, to show users which element in the group would be selected if the user carried out the selection operation. (The mechanism for carrying out the selection is device-specific. In the MIDP Reference Implementation, the user would press the Select key.)

Screenshot Selection Highlight

Java graphics 07fig10.gif