An alert is a screen that communicates error, status, or other information to users. An alert screen, like other screens, can have titles, tickers, and commands. It can also have an image, a gauge, and text the user cannot edit. Most commonly, alerts are expected to have titles, images, and text. Screenshot shows an informational alert with these characteristics.

Screenshot Alert Screen with Title, Image, and Text

Java graphics 09fig01.gif

app Developer Responsibilities

MIDP Implementor Responsibilities

  • Any label text
  • Alert text, graphic, gauge
  • Any commands
  • Any command listener
  • Alert type
  • Whether the alert should be modal or (if possible) timed
  • Requested duration for a timed alert
  • Fonts and colors used on the screen
  • Placement of any graphic or gauge
  • Default time to display a timed alert
  • Any sound associated with an alert
  • Default command label for modal alert
  • Default command listener
  • Differentiate between alert types