Dates and Times

A date field is an item that presents an editable date, time, or both to the user. All date fields are editable. Screenshot shows a date field that presents a date and time to the user.

Screenshot A Date Field on a Form

Java graphics 08fig11.gif

app Developer Responsibilities

MIDP Implementor Responsibilities

  • Any label text
  • Any initial value of the field
  • Type of date field to use (date, time, or both)
  • Presentation of the date and time
  • Presentation of an uninitialized date field
  • How users enter and edit the date, time, or both

app Developers

Consider: You can change the contents of a date field or its label as needed. Try to do it only when the form is not visible or in response to a user action. Arbitrary changes to visible screens are confusing to users.

MIDP Implementors

Consider: Determine whether you will have users edit the date and time values on the form, or on a separate screen. Screenshot shows a date and a time ready for editing off the form.

Screenshot Editing a Date Field on a Separate Screen

Java graphics 08fig12.gif