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sandbox model
    security: sandbox model 
scalable: canvas drawings
    drawings, scalable
        canvases: drawing 
SCREEN  2nd 
    versus ITEM 
screen-based environment: app design and
    app design:screen-based environment 
    abstract commands and 
    general layout 
    SCREEN command 
screens: abstract commands and
    forms: abstract commands and
        abstract commands: on a screen[abstract commands:screen] 
screens: app design and
    app design: screens in 
screens: layout
    layouts: screen  2nd 
screens: redrawing
    redrawing screens 
scroll: indicators
    indicators: scroll  2nd 
scroll: rate
    tickers: scroll rate 
    button appearance mode and 
    context in 
security  [See also permission requests[security]]2nd  3rd 
    MIDP 2.0 features 
security: app developer responsibilities for
    app developer responsibilities: security 
security: policies
    policies: security  2nd  3rd 
select key  2nd  3rd  4th  5th 
    buttons.  [See individual buttons]
selection: prohibiting
SENSITIVE modifier
    modifiers: SENSITIVE
        constants: SENSITIVE   2nd  3rd 
serviceRepaints method
    methods: serviceRepaints
        locking policies: serviceRepaints method and 
session: interaction mode
    interaction modes: session 
session: permission level
    interaction modes: session
        permission levels: session 
setAltText method
    methods: setAltText 
setCurrent method
    methods: setCurrent 
shared data, threads and
    threads: shared data and
        data, shared, and threads 
signal strength indicators
    indicators: signal strength  2nd 
simplicity: choice and
    choice, simplicity and 
single tap
        input mechanisms: single tap 
    maximum  2nd  3rd 
sizes: custom items
    custom items: sizes of 
sizes: exclusive-choice list
    lists: size
        exclusive-choice lists: size of 
sizes: form items
    form items: size  2nd 
sizes: implicit list
    lists: size
        implicit lists: size of 
sizes: item labels
    item labels: sizes 
        items.:  [See also item labels [items:bbb]; form items: See also item labels[form items:aaa]]
sizes: multiple-choice list
    lists: size
        multiple-choice lists: size of 
sizes: touch-sensitive components
    touch input: component size 
sketches\: of SmartTicket
    SmartTicket\: splash screen\: sketch
        splash screen\: sketch 
    abstract commands 
    canvas screens 
    description of 
    abstract commands 
SmartTicket\: main menu mock-up
    main menu, mock-up 
SmartTicket\: splash screen
    splash screen 
soft buttons  2nd 
    input mechanisms: touch
        touch input 
    labels: select operation
        selection: soft button labels and;  
    labels: soft button
        labels: abstract commands; abstract commands: labels 
specialization, consumer products and
    consumer products: specialization of 
splash screen
    screens: splash 
splash screen: mock-up
    high-level: tasks: mock-up of
        movies screen: mock-up; mock-ups: SmartTicket 
    hardware acceleration of 
    sprites: usage
        sprites: positioning; sprites: reference pixels 
    transformation reference 
sprites: collision detection
    collision detection 
startApp method
    methods: startApp 
startup time
    performance: startup time 
static registration
    push functionality: registering for 
STOP command type  2nd 
STOP command type: gauges and
    command types: STOP
        gauges: STOP command type and 
streamlining tasks 
string items
    form items: strings  2nd  3rd 
        handling text: string items; text handling: string items 
string items: clipping
    clipping: string items 
structured screens
    screens: structured  2nd 
    input mechanisms: stylus down 
symbol tables 
system menus 
system menus\: screen
    system menus\: screen mock-up
        SmartTicket\: system menu\: mock-up; SmartTicket\: system menu\: screen