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editing: custom item
    custom items: editing
        editing: in place 
    editing: off the form
        custom items: editing 
efficiency  2nd  3rd 
    in form items 
    in item labels 
    in string items 
ellipsis: definition
    ellipsis: in titles 
ellipsis: in list elements
    lists: ellipsis and
        list elements: ellipsis and 
EMAIL constraint
    constraints: EMAIL
        constants: EMAIL  2nd  3rd 
Embedded Microprocessor Benchmark Consortium 
entertainment domain
    domains: entertainment 
environment: screen based
    screen-based environment  2nd 
error messages
    messages, error 
exclusive-choice groups
    choice groups: exclusive-choice 
    form items: exclusive-choice group 
exclusive-choice lists  2nd 
    lists:  [See also exclusive-choice lists[lists:aab]]
EXIT command type  2nd  3rd