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date field
    time.  [See date field]
    time. See: date field 
deadlocks  2nd  3rd 
DECIMAL constraint
    constraints: DECIMAL
        constants: DECIMAL  
default commands
    custom items: default command 
    form items: default commands
        commands: default  2nd 
default commands: custom item and
    custom items: default command 
denying permission
    permissions: denying 
designing: apps.
        MIDlets; app design  [See app design]
devices: characteristics of
    characteristics: device 
    and abstract commands 
displaying: lists
    lists: displaying 
domains: business function
    business function domain 
domains: information access
    domains: communication
        information access domain; communication domain 
double tap
        input mechanisms: double tap 
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) 
dynamic registration
    push functionality: registering for