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native apps  2nd  3rd  4th  5th 
navigation: devices for
    mock-ups: navigational devices and 
    sketches: navigational devices and 
navigation: minimizing
        ; performance: perceived 
net access function group
    function groups: net access 
network access function group
    function groups: network access 
networking: activity (usage) indicators
    indicators: network activity (usage)  2nd 
networking: callbacks and
networking: cost and latency
    costs, networking
        latencies, networking 
newline characters
    characters: newline  2nd 
    forms: newlines in 
    modifiers: NON_PREDICTIVE
        constants: NON_PREDICTIVE  2nd 
noninteractive gauge
    gauges: noninteractive 
notification: for form item updates
    MIDlets: notifying 
notification: for list selection
    MIDlets: notifying 
NUMERIC constraint
    constraints: NUMERIC
        constants: NUMERIC  2nd