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    initialization and  2nd 
feedback: animation for
    animation: for feedback 
feedback: custom item
    custom items: traversal 
feedback: gauges
    gauges: improving feedback from
        improving gauge feedback 
feedback: interactive gauges 
feedback: perceived performance and
    performance: perceived 
feedback: providing
    providing feedback 
flash memory
    memory: flash 
    screens: flicker 
focus  2nd  3rd  4th 
    item-specific commands and 
focus: highlight
    gauges: focus highlight and 
FOREVER duration
    duration, FOREVER
        constants: FOREVER 
form items  2nd 
        forms; form items[forms:aaa]  [See form items [items:aaa]]
form items: labels
    labels: form items 
form items: padding
    padding form items 
form items: size
    sizes: minimum 
    sizes: preferred 
forms  2nd 
    aaa]  [See also form items [forms]
    organization of 
    screens: forms  2nd 
forms: app developer responsibilities for
    app developer responsibilities: forms 
forms: context-sensitive
    context sensitivity 
forms: layout of
    layouts: forms
        displaying: forms; placement: of form items 
        placement: of form items 
forms: scrolling
    scrolling: forms 
forms: size
    sizes: forms 
forms: traversal
    traversal: forms
        scrolling: forms; forms: scrolling  2nd 
full transparency 
full-screen mode
    unstructured screens:
        screens:  [See also full-screen mode[unstructured screens:aab]]
function groups  2nd 
functionality, simplicity and
    simplicity: functionality and