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labels  [See also command labels]
    abstract commands  2nd 
labels:  [See also item labels [labels:aab]]
labels: size
    sizes: item labels 
labels: soft button
    full-screen mode: soft-button labels and
        soft buttons 
    in permission requests[language
language: for setting permission levels[language:setting]
    setting: permission levels 
language: in permission requests[language:permission]
    permission requests: language in 
layer manager
    ordering layers 
    view window 
layers: definition of
    layers: types of
        layer manager 
layers: drawing order
    drawing: layer order
        ordering: layers 
layout directives 
    directives, layout.  [See layout directives]
    forms:  [See also layout directives[forms:aaa]]
layout directives: LAYOUT_2
    constants: LAYOUT_2  2nd 
layout directives: LAYOUT_BOTTOM
    constants: LAYOUT_BOTTOM 
layout directives: LAYOUT_CENTER
    constants: LAYOUT_CENTER 
layout directives: LAYOUT_DEFAULT
    constants: LAYOUT_DEFAULT 
layout directives: LAYOUT_EXPAND
    constants: LAYOUT_EXPAND  2nd 
layout directives: LAYOUT_LEFT
    constants: LAYOUT_LEFT 
layout directives: LAYOUT_NEWLINE_AFTER
    constants: LAYOUT_NEWLINE_AFTER 
layout directives: LAYOUT_NEWLINE_BEFORE
layout directives: LAYOUT_RIGHT
    constants: LAYOUT_RIGHT 
layout directives: LAYOUT_SHRINK
    constants: LAYOUT_SHRINK  2nd 
layout directives: LAYOUT_TOP
    constants: LAYOUT_TOP 
layout directives: LAYOUT_VCENTER
    constants: LAYOUT_VCENTER 
layout directives: LAYOUT_VEXPAND
    constants: LAYOUT_VEXPAND  2nd 
layout directives: LAYOUT_VSHRINK
    constants: LAYOUT_VSHRINK  2nd 
layouts: device-dependent
    devices: layouts for 
LCDUI: benchmarks
    graphics: benchmarks
        RMS: benchmarks; networking: benchmarks 
LCDUI: high-level APIs
    high-level: APIs 
LCDUI: low-level APIs
    low-level APIs 
list elements
    elements.  [See list elements]
list elements: selecting
    lists: selecting elements
        selection: list elements 
        selection:list elements; exclusive-choice lists: selecting elements;selecting elements 
lists  2nd  3rd 
lists: alternatives to exclusive-choice
    exclusive-choice lists: alternatives to 
lists: titles of
    titles: list screens 
local connectivity function group
    function groups: local connectivity 
locations screen
    SmartTicket\: locations\: screen
        locations screen\: mock-up of; SmartTicket\: locations \:mock-up 
locking policies
    policies: locking
        app design: locking policies and  2nd 
locking, item size
    sizes: locking
        form items: locking size