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handling text: titles
    text handling: title text 
hasPointerEvents method
    methods: hasPointerEvents 
hasPointerMotionEvents method
    methods: hasPointerMotionEvents 
HELP command type  2nd 
help screens  2nd 
    screens: help
        on-line help 
high-level: benchmarks
high-level\: tasks\: sketch of
    sketches\: of SmartTicket
        SmartTicket\: high-level tasks sketch 
    on stylus down[highlighting
    selection  2nd 
    selection, definition 
highlighting: custom item
    custom items: highlighting 
highlighting: text field contents
    text fields: content highlighting 
honoring white space: in forms
    white space: honoring  2nd 
honoring white space: in item labels
    item labels: honoring white space
        white space: honoring  2nd 
honoring white space: in screen titles
    titles: honoring white space
        white space: honoring 
honoring white space: in string items
    white space: honoring
        string items: honoring white space 
honoring white space: in text boxes
    white space: honoring
        text boxes: honoring white space 
HTTP  2nd 
HTTP: permission for
    protocols: HTTP 
HTTPS: permission for
    protocols: HTTPS 
hyperlink appearance mode
    indicator of 
hyperlink appearance mode: focus highlight and
    focus: highlight 
hyperlink appearance mode\: constant for
    constants\: <JN-Java name>HYPERLINK <default para font>