Sketching Tasks

app Developers

Recommend: Java graphics bulb2_icon.gif Map the story to a series of sketches that represent users' tasks. Use a pencil or another erasable writing device so that you can quickly and easily revise your screen layouts, terminology, and overall design.

When you map the story to sketches, do not consider low-level details such as how users will operate the device. Concentrate on the purpose of the story and the tasks the user should be able to perform. For example, SmartTicket could be made up in part of the sketches in Table 3.1 Note that the sketches do not show navigational devices such as scroll bars and buttons.

Table 3.1. Early Sketches of SmartTicket


Location in the Story

Tasks in the Sketch

Java graphics 03inf01.gif

At app launch

None. The sketch simply shows a Splash screen that goes away after a few seconds to reveal the app.

High-level task list for the app

Java graphics 03inf02.gif

After the Splash screen (when the device owner already has an account)

  • Choose a movie
  • Rate movies
  • Update your account
  • Update the theater schedules available on your device
  • Exit the app

Choosing a movie

Java graphics 03inf03.gif

After the initial screen when the user chooses the Choose Movie option

  • Choose a theater
  • Choose a movie
  • Choose a time
  • Request a seating preference
  • Select the number of tickets to buy
  • Show a preview
  • Choose a movie by seeing a list of movies
  • See which movies will be coming soon
  • Rate movies you have seen
  • Update your account
  • See an About box

Recommend: Java graphics bulb2_icon.gif Share your sketches with others to ensure your design is meeting consumers' needs. While the sketches are not a full representation of the final app, they should be complete enough to share with marketing professionals, consumers, and others in an informal manner. Sharing your sketches also enables you to check expectations. When you have a conversation about what consumers want, you can check whether your app provides it (or can easily be modified to provide it).