Utility Rating Guidelines

Introduction to Utility Rating
Important Rating Definitions and Ideas
The Purpose of Search Quality Rating
Raters Must Represent the User
Browser Requirements
Ad Blocking Extensions
Internet Safety Information
Understanding the Query
Understanding User Intent
Task Language and Task Location (Locale)
Queries with Multiple Meanings
Query Meanings Can Change Over Time
Classification of User Intent: Action, Information, and Navigation: Do-Know-Go
Understanding Websites
Important Definitions and Ideas
Identifying the Purpose of the Page
Understanding Web Page Content
Utility Rating Scale for Result Blocks
Vital (V)
Vital Pages for People Queries
Useful (U)
Relevant (R)
Slightly Relevant (SR)
Off-Topic or Useless (OT)
Rating Porn (P), Foreign Language (F), and Didn’t Load (D) Results
Porn (P) Flag
Porn Result Utility Rating
Utility Rating for Clear Porn Intent Queries
Reporting Illegal Images
Foreign Language Results
Utility Ratings for Foreign Language Results
Rating Results with Content that Doesn’t Load
Using the Didn’t Load (D) Flag
Rating Results that Do Not Load
Location and Utility Rating
Locale is Important
Queries that “Ask” for Nearby Results or Nearby Information
User Location and Understanding the Query
Queries with an Explicit Location
Vital Ratings for Queries with a User Location
Rating Queries with User Location and Explicit Location
Rating Local Intent Queries
Rating Examples with User Location, Explicit Location, and Local Intent

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