Internet Safety Information

In the course of your work, you will visit many different webpages. Some of them may harm your computer unless you are careful. Please do not download any executables, applications, or other potentially dangerous files, or click on any links that you are uncomfortable with.

We strongly recommend that you have antivirus and anti-spyware protection on your computer. This software must be updated frequently or your computer will not be protected. There are many free and for-purchase antivirus and anti-spyware products available on the web.
Here are links to Wikipedia articles with information about antivirus software and spyware:

• Wikipedia page about antivirus software:

• Wikipedia page about spyware:

We suggest that you only open files with which you are comfortable. The file formats listed below are generally considered safe if antivirus software is in place.

• .txt (text file)

• .ppt or .pptx (Microsoft PowerPoint)

• .doc or .docx (Microsoft Word)

• .xls or .xlsx (Microsoft Excel)

• .pdf (PDF) files

If you encounter a page with a warning message, such as “Warning-visiting this web site may harm your computer,” or if your antivirus software warns you about a page, you should not try to visit the page to assign a rating.
You may also come across pages that require RealPlayer or the Adobe Flash Player plug-in. These are safe to download.

Releasing Tasks
Most raters have difficulty rating tasks now and then. Some queries are about highly technical topics (e.g., computer science or physics) or involve very specialized areas of interest (e.g., gaming or torrents). Please release the task if, after research, you don’t understand the query or user intent for the task or the content of the LP.
Release tasks when:

Lack expertise: You feel that you personally can’t rate the query.

Suspicious files: The task contains unknown or suspicious file formats.

Offensive content: You believe that the LP will be offensive to you or you feel uncomfortable visiting the LP.

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