Understanding the Query

Understanding the query is the first step in evaluating the task.
A “query description” will sometimes be provided to help you understand the query. You must use the information in query descriptions when assigning ratings.

If you don’t understand the query or user intent, do web research using the Google search engine or an online dictionary or encyclopedia. If you still don’t understand the query or user intent, please release the task.

Important: If you research the query on Google, please do not rely on the top results on the SERP. A query may have other meanings not represented on Google’s search results pages. Do not assign a high rating to a webpage just because it appears at the top of a list of search results on Google.

Understanding User Intent
Task Language and Task Location (Locale)
Queries with Multiple Meanings
Query Meanings Can Change Over Time
Classification of User Intent: Action, Information, and Navigation: Do-Know-Go

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