Foreign Language Results

Using the Foreign Language (F) Flag
Please assign a Foreign Language (F) flag when the language on the landing page is not one of the following:

• The task language

• English

• A language which is commonly used by a significant percentage of the population in the task location
For example, most users in Ukraine speak Russian. Therefore, landing pages in the Russian language should not be assigned the F flag for rating tasks in Ukrainian (UA).
Here is a screenshot of a result block that shows when the F flag would be used.

Query and User Intent

Result Block, Utility Rating, Flag


[baidu], English (US)

Go to the Baidu website.

The LP is the homepage of the Baidu website. The result is the target of the query, but is in a foreign language (Chinese).

This result merits a Vital utility rating and the F flag.


• Please assign the F flag even if you personally understand the language but most users in your locale do not.

• Please remember to flag all foreign pages with the F flag, even if the query “asks” for a foreign language page.

• Assign the F flag based on the language of landing page, not the appearance of the result block.

• Sometimes it is difficult to say what language the landing page is in. The LP may have multiple languages or

no words at all. In these cases, try to represent users in your locale. Does it feel like a foreign language page? You may look at MC, SC, ads and even the website the page is on. When in doubt, don’t use the F flag.

Utility Ratings for Foreign Language Results

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