Reporting Illegal Images

Child Pornography and Bestiality

When working on rating projects in any task location or locale, you must follow United States federal law, which considers child pornography and bestiality to be illegal.

Definition of Child Pornography

An image is child pornography if it is a visual depiction of someone who appears to be a minor (i.e., under 18 years old) engaged in sexually explicit conduct (e.g., vaginal or anal intercourse, oral sex, bestiality or masturbation as well as lascivious depictions of the genitals), or sadistic or masochistic abuse. The image of sexually explicit conduct can involve a real child; a computer-generated, morphed, composite or otherwise altered image that appears to be a child (think of images that have been altered using “Photoshop”); or an adult who appears to be a child; and the image can be nonphotographic -- e.g., drawings, cartoons, anime, paintings or sculptures – so long as the subject is engaging in sexually explicit conduct and which is obscene. If it is indistinguishable from child pornography, it is child pornography.

Even if the image has literary (think of the famous book “Lolita”), artistic, political (think of political cartoons), or scientific (think of images for a medical text book) value, please send the link to your employer (as instructed below).
Depiction of the genitals does not require the genitals to be uncovered. Thus, for example, a video of underage teenage girls dancing erotically, with multiple close-up shots of their covered genitals, or images of children with opaque underwear that focus on the genitalia could be considered child pornography.
An image of a naked child (e.g., in the bathtub or at a nudist colony) is not considered child pornography as long as the child is not engaging in sexually explicit conduct, or the focus is not on the child’s genitalia.

Visual depictions of adults who look like adults (e.g., a 35 year old man play-acting in diapers, or an obvious woman dressed as a school girl) are not child pornography. (If you don't think it's a minor, it probably isn’t child pornography.) However, if you cannot tell that the person in the image is over 18 (e.g., an under-developed 18 year old whose body

hair has been waxed), that is child pornography.

Definition of Bestiality

Bestiality or zoophilia is defined as human-animal sexual interaction.

Reporting Instructions

Please report illegal and offensive images as instructed by your employer.

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