Identifying the Purpose of the Page

The first step in understanding a webpage is figuring out why it was created. We will call this the purpose of the page. Every page on the Internet is created for a purpose (or for multiple purposes). Most pages are created to be helpful for users.

Pages with a Helpful Purpose

Common helpful page purposes include (but are not limited to):

• To share objective information about a topic.

• To share personal or social information.

• To express an opinion or point of view.

• To entertain.

• To share pictures, videos, or other forms of media.

• To sell products or services.

• To allow users to post questions so that other users can answer.

• To allow users to share files or to download software.

Here are a few examples where it is easy to understand the purpose of the page:

Type of Page

Purpose of the Page

News website homepage

To display news.

Shopping page

To sell or give information about the product.

Video page

To allow users to watch a video.

Currency converter page

To calculate equivalent amounts in different currencies.

Why do we care about the purpose of the page? In order to understand and evaluate a page, you must understand what the page is trying to achieve.

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