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%S date format string option
save! method
scaffold generator
CRUD applications and
scaffold method
scaffolding, development with
SCGI module
schema (database), defining
scp program
script directory
search_results action
@sections variable
Secure Socket Layer [See SSL]
cross-site scripting attacks, guarding against
hardening systems with strong passwords
restricting access public methods/actions
servers, securing by closing unnecessary ports
SQL injection, protecting queries from
select for update
select lists
:select parameter (find)
self_and_siblings method
server-status utility
session hash
storing sessions in databases
residual records, cleaning up
storing in databases
tracking information with
setup method, testing code
sftp program
Shaw, Zed
:sibling option (assert_tag)
siblings method
Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)
simply_restful plug-in
:singular configuration option
singularization of database class names
smooth graphs
SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)
sort capabilities, using acts_as_list method
source command (plugin)
sources command (plugin)
Sparklines 2nd
sparklines_generator gems
specification command (gem)
spinner task (mongrel_cluster)
splats, creating bold text in RDocs
SQL injection 2nd
protecting queries from
SQL, using REST and
square brackets ([ ]), using params hash with
Capistrano and
passwordless authentication, setting up
SSL (Secure Socket Layer), configuring Pound
standard helpers
start_mongrel_cluster task (mongrel_cluster)
stateless of the Web
static pages, caching
stats rake task
status code numbers
stop_mongrel_cluster task (mongrel_cluster)
stored XSS attacks
strftime method
String class
strip! method
subclipse Eclipse plug-in
Edge Rails and
globalizing applications
:success status code (assert_response)
sudo helper (Capistrano)
svn propedit command
svn:externals property (svn propedit command)
syntax errors