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%R date format string option
%r date format string option
race conditions (transactions)
Rails 1.2 features
Rails API
rails command 2nd
moving beyond CRUD with REST
Rails console 2nd
testing controllers from
Rails Engines
Rails Forum
Rails plug-ins [See plug-ins]
Rails Weenie
@rails_root variable
raise method
rake command
Capistrano, running
running tests with
sessions, storing in databases and
rake doc:app, generating RDoc HTML
rake stats
RDoc (Ruby documentation)
:readonly parameter (find)
Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds
record timestamping, automating
Red Hat
:redirect status code (assert_response)
redirect_to controller method
redirect_to_path controller method
deprecated, using redirect_to
redirect_to_url controller method
redirects, following actions with
reflected XSS attacks
relational databases
Active Record, modeling with
setting up
remove command (plugin)
remove_from_list method
render helper (Capistrano)
render method
deprecated, usein render :file => #{options}
repositories (Subversion), creating
Representational State Transfer [See REST]
request methods
request variable 2nd
request.env[ ]
residual session records
response controller instance variable
response-related assertions
REST (Representational State Transfer)
complex nested resources and
developing applications with
join models, modeling relationships
moving beyond CRUD with
nested resources and
restart task (mongrel_cluster)
restart_mongrel_cluster task (mongrel_cluster)
result sets
revision control
.rhtml extension
.rjs extension
RJS templates
rm command
RMagick 2nd 3rd
resizing thumbnails with
input fields, processing dynamically
many-to-many relationships
root method
routing behavior, configuring
RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds
rsync program
Ruby Core library
Ruby documentation (RDoc)
Ruby Standard Library
ruby-dev package
RubyGems 2nd 3rd
installing Ruby and
MySQL, installing and
projects, creating
updating rails with
#rubyonrails IRC channel
rubyonrails-core mailing list
rubyonrails-security mailing list
rubyonrails-spinoffs mailing list
rubyonrails-talks mailing list
RUGs (Ruby User Groups)
run helper (Capistrano)
runtime environments for development
RuntimeError exception
.rxml extension