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Just Enough CRM
By Francoise Tourniaire
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Pub Date February 24, 2003
Pages 400
    Screenshot     Screenshot Selected Titles from the Yourdon Press Series     Screenshot About the Series     Screenshot About the Series Editor     Screenshot Preface       Screenshot What's the tutorial About?       Screenshot How Do I Use the Book? Screenshot     Screenshot Acknowledgments     Screenshot Chapter 1.  What is CRM and Why is it Important?       Screenshot Express Version       Screenshot What is CRM?       Screenshot Elements of CRM       Screenshot The Benefits of CRM       Screenshot Can CRM Technology Conquer All CRM Challenges?       Screenshot CRM Nirvana—What Is It and Is It a Worthwhile Goal?       Screenshot Why Does CRM Fail So Often?       Screenshot Is CRM Just for the Big Guys?       Screenshot Can CRM Work If It's Not Integrated?       Screenshot Does CRM Deliver apps or a Tool Kit?       Screenshot What's the Place of IT in CRM Initiatives? Screenshot     Screenshot Chapter 2.  Auditing your CRM System       Screenshot Express Version       Screenshot The Big Question: Do You Need A New CRM System?       Screenshot The 5-Minute CRM Test       Screenshot Detailed CRM Inventory       Screenshot Bad Reasons to Get a New Tool       Screenshot Good Reasons to Get a New Tool Screenshot     Screenshot Chapter 3.  Overview of CRM Selection and Implementation       Screenshot Express Version       Screenshot A High-Level View of the Entire Process       Screenshot Success Factors       Screenshot The Three Phases of CRM Projects       Screenshot How Long Will it Take?       Screenshot How Much Will It Cost? Screenshot     Screenshot Chapter 4.  The CRM Project Team       Screenshot Express Version       Screenshot What's a Good CRM Project Team?       Screenshot The Executive Sponsor       Screenshot The Project Manager       Screenshot The Business Owners       Screenshot The Super-Users       Screenshot The IT Owner       Screenshot The Technical Staffers       Screenshot How Many Resources Does It Really Take? Screenshot     Screenshot Chapter 5.  Requirements Definition       Screenshot Express Version       Screenshot Why Define Requirements?       Screenshot Creating a Requirements List       Screenshot Structure of the Requirements List       Screenshot The Vendor       Screenshot Technical Architecture       Screenshot Functionality       Screenshot Implementation and Maintenance       Screenshot Budget       Screenshot Template Requirements Checklist Screenshot     Screenshot Chapter 6.  Shopping for CRM Systems       Screenshot Express Version       Screenshot Shopping with a Purpose       Screenshot Creating the Long List       Screenshot Evaluating Candidates       Screenshot Creating the Short List       Screenshot Sample RFP Screenshot     Screenshot Chapter 7.  Buying CRM Systems       Screenshot Express Version       Screenshot The Home Stretch       Screenshot Checking References       Screenshot Negotiating the Contract       Screenshot Getting the Best Price       Screenshot Preparing an ROI Justification Screenshot     Screenshot Chapter 8.  Selecting an Integrator       Screenshot Express Version       Screenshot What's An Integrator And Do I Need One?       Screenshot When Do I Start Looking for an Integrator?       Screenshot Tool Vendor or Third Party?       Screenshot Finding Integrators       Screenshot Evaluating Integrators       Screenshot Negotiating With Integrators Screenshot     Screenshot Chapter 9.  Implementing CRM Systems       Screenshot Express Version       Screenshot Implementation Overview       Screenshot The Kickoff Workshop       Screenshot A Few Technical Notes on the Implementation       Screenshot Testing       Screenshot Training       Screenshot The Rollout       Screenshot Successfully Managing an Implementation       Screenshot Care and Feeding of the Integrator       Screenshot Involving the Users       Screenshot Internal Promotion       Screenshot Customer Promotion       Screenshot Handling Implementation Problems       Screenshot Post-mortem Review Screenshot     Screenshot Chapter 10.  Measuring Success       Screenshot Express Version       Screenshot Why Metrics Matter       Screenshot Types of Metrics       Screenshot Garbage In…       Screenshot Don't Be Average       Screenshot Slicing and Dicing, Babushka-Style       Screenshot More is Not Better       Screenshot The Dashboard Concept       Screenshot Streamline Delivery       Screenshot Suggested Metrics       Screenshot Where do I Go From Here? Screenshot     Screenshot Chapter 11.  Rescuing a Failing CRM Project       Screenshot Express Version       Screenshot Project Failures       Screenshot Step 1: Assess       Screenshot Step 2: Restructure       Screenshot Step 3: Restart Screenshot     Screenshot Chapter 12.  CRM Resources       Screenshot Web Sites       Screenshot Magazines and Trade Publications       Screenshot Books       Screenshot Analysts       Screenshot Conferences Screenshot     Screenshot Glossary     Screenshot Index