Is CRM Just for the Big Guys?

CRM is for everyone! Although we tend to hear about multi-year, multi-million-dollar implementations from large corporations, mid-sized enterprises need CRM just as much. Even tiny enterprises benefit from CRM systems. My neighborhood pizza place has a great system that remembers our name, our preferred toppings, even the fact that we usually phone our order ahead so we don't have to wait at the restaurant. The system resides, as it often does in small businesses, in the memory of the owner. I'd rate it as perfect. Businesses that are larger than one person can't use the "all in the head" approach, and even the one-owner business may need help tracking customer information. The problem for non-huge enterprises is that the massive projects that are standard and required by the large corporate players are simply overwhelming for smaller players and do not match either their resources or their requirements. This tutorial outlines a practical blueprint for mid-sized companies, adapting the same good principles used at the top to a more reasonable scope. Don't shy away from CRM because you think you are too small. Many of the good tool ideas that were initially developed for the largest players have been adapted down to smaller, cheaper, and more manageable packages that are just right for more modest means and do not sacrifice essential functionality in the process. In this instance, larger enterprises are a great testing bed for innovation. An advantage of CRM systems for smaller environments is that they allow them to function in many ways as larger players, which has its sweet rewards. For instance giving customers meaningful around-the-clock self-service web access to the enterprise is absolutely within the reach of mid-sized and even small companies and allows them to deliver service that would simply not be possible without automation.