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  • Perceived problems with CRM systems are often due to poor underlying processes or poorly thought-out customizations of a basically good tool. Since implementing a new tool takes lots of time and resources, thoroughly investigate whether the tool is the root cause of the problems before making the decision to select a new tool. Use our easy test to facilitate the audit process.
  • Don't decide to switch tools based solely on a sleek demo. Any tool can look wonderful in a demo.
  • One size does not fit all. Don't base a decision to get a new tool on a recommendation from a colleague who may be facing different challenges.
  • Do get a new tool if you are still using a homegrown tool. You will be amazed at the functionality you've been missing and you'll save money too, at least in the long run.
  • Do keep up to date on new tools and new technologies. If your current tool vendor is lagging behind and even future releases fail to include new technology ideas, it makes sense to explore alternatives.
  • Tool implementations work best when you have adequate time and resources. Be wary of embarking on a tool change if you are pressed for either.