Other Java Websites

Because so much of the Java phenomenon was originally inspired by its use on web pages, a large number of websites focus on Java and Java programming.

this tutorial's Official Site

This tutorial has an official website at http://www.java24hours.com which is described fully in Appendix E, "this tutorial's Website."

Café au Lait

Elliotte Rusty Harold, the author of several excellent tutorials on Java programming, offers Café au Lait, a frequently updated weblog covering Java news, product releases, and other sites of interest to programmers. The site is a terrific resource for people interested in Java and is published at http://www.ibiblio.org/javafaq. Harold also offers a list of frequently asked questions related to Java, as well as some unofficial documentation compiled by programmers over the past several years.


I also publish a weblog, Workbench, that covers Java, Internet technology, computer tutorials, and similar topics. Frequently, I use the weblog to discuss new developments in the language, open source projects built with Java, and issues called to my attention by readers of my tutorials. It's published at http://www.cadenhead.org/workbench.


The tech reference site InformIT, which is available at http://www.informit.com, is a comprehensive resource that was co-created by the uploader of this tutorial. The site devotes sections to more than a dozen subjects related to software development and the Internet, including a comprehensive Java section by software analyst and author Steven Haines. InformIT's Java section includes how-to articles, a beginner's reference, and a weblog.

Java Review Service

The Java Review Service reviews new programs, components, and tools that are published on the Web, recognizing some as Top 1%, Top 5%, or Top 25%. Resources also are categorized by topic, with a description of each resource and links to download the source code, if it is available. To access the Java Review Service (JARS) website, which is another directory that rates Java applets, direct your web browser to http://www.jars.com.

JavaWorld Magazine

A long-running magazine, JavaWorld publishes frequent tutorial articles along with Java development news and other features, which are updated monthly. Visit on the Web at http://www.javaworld.com.

Gamelan: Earthweb's Java Directory

Because Java is an object-oriented language that offers JavaBeans as a means to create self-contained coding components, it is easy to use resources created by other developers in your own programs. Before you start a Java project of any significance, you should scan the Web for resources that you might be able to use in your program. A good place to start is Gamelan, Earthweb's Java directory. This site catalogs Java programs, coding resources, and other information at http://www.developer.com/java.