Appendix E. this tutorial's Website

As much as I would like to think otherwise, there are undoubtedly some things you're not clear about after completing the 24 hours of this tutorial. Programming is a specialized technical field that throws strange concepts and jargon at you, such as "instantiation," "ternary operators," and "big- and little-endian byte order." Some of these concepts are pretty big, and when they hit you, it hurts. If you're unclear about any of the topics covered in the tutorial, or if I was unclear about a topic (sigh), visit the tutorial's website at for assistance. I use the tutorial's website to offer each of the following:

  • Error corrections and clarifications: When errors are brought to my attention, they will be described on the site with the corrected text and any other material that will help.
  • Answers to reader questions: If readers have questions that aren't covered in this tutorial's Q&A sections, many will be presented on the site.
  • The source code, class files, and resources required for all programs you create during the 24 hours of this tutorial.
  • Sample Java programs: Working versions of some programs featured in this tutorial are available on the site.
  • Solutions, including source code, for activities suggested at the end of each hour.
  • Updated links to the sites mentioned in this tutorial: If sites mentioned in the tutorial have changed addresses and I know about the new URL, I'll offer it here.

You also can send email to me by visiting the tutorial's site. Click the Feedback link and you'll be taken to a page where you can send email directly from the Web. This doesn't have to be said, as I learned from past versions of this tutorial, but I'll say it anyway: Feel free to voice all opinions, positive, negative, indifferent, or undecided. I have been a user of the Internet and online services long enough to have my parentage questioned in seven spoken languages and one particularly memorable nonverbal one. Any criticism you send will be interpreted as "tough love," and nothing you say could be rougher than what my music teacher said after my audition for the lead in the Yale Elementary School production of Jesus Christ Superstar. Rogers Cadenhead