Java Newsgroups

A good resource for both novice and experienced Java programmers is Usenet, the international network of discussion groups that is available to most Internet users through either an Internet service provider or a news service, such as Google Groups, or NewsGuy, The following are descriptions of some of the Java discussion groups that are available on Usenet:

  •— Because this group is devoted to questions and answers related to Java programming, it is the place for all subjects that don't belong in one of the other groups. Any Java-related topic is suitable for discussion here.
  •— This group is devoted to any Java discussions that are likely to inspire heated or comparative debate. If you want to argue the merits of Java against another language, this is the place for it. This group can be a good place to consult if you want to see whether Java is the right choice for a project that you're working.
  •— This group contains announcements, advertisements, and press releases of interest to the Java development community. It is moderated, so that all postings must be submitted for approval before they are posted to the group.
  •— This group is devoted to discussions related to JavaBeans programming, announcements of beans that have been made available, and similar topics concerning component software development.
  •— This advanced discussion group is devoted to Java-language implementations of CORBA, the Common Object Request Broker Architecture.
  •— This group is used for talk related to JDBC, the Java Database Connectivity Libraries, and other solutions for connecting Java programs to databases.
  •— This group is devoted to the Abstract Windowing Toolkit, Swing, and other graphical user interface class libraries and development tools.
  •— This group provides a place to discuss installation problems related to Java coding tools and similar issues that bedevil beginners.
  •— The most advanced of the Java discussion groups, this group is devoted to discussing the implementation of the language, issues with porting it to new machines, the specifics of the Java Virtual Machine, and similar subjects.
  •— This group contains questions and answers related to Java programming, which makes it another good place for new programmers to frequent.
  •— This discussion group is devoted to security issues related to Java, especially in regard to running Java programs and other executable content on the World Wide Web.