Sun's Official Java Site

The Java software division of Oracle Inc. maintains three websites of interest to programmers and users of its language., which is published at, is the first place to visit when looking for Java-related information. New versions of the Java Development Kit and other coding resources are available for downloading, along with documentation for the entire Java class library. There's also a bug database, support forums, and full documentation for the Java 2 class library. Java.Net, launched in 2003 at, is a community resource where Java programmers can participate in discussions, start their own weblogs focused on the language, and host open-source Java projects. Java.Com, also launched that year at, promotes the benefits of the language to consumers and non-programmers. The Java runtime environment can be downloaded from the site to support the latest version of the language in Web applets, Java Web Start apps, and other programs.

Java 2 Class Documentation

Perhaps the most useful part of Sun's Java site is the documentation for every class, variable, and method in Java 2's class library. Thousands of pages are online at no cost to show you how to use the classes in your programs. To visit the class documentation for Java 2 version 5, visit the web page at