Other tutorials to Consider

Sams Publishing publishes a multitude of tutorials on Java coding topics, including many that follow up on the material covered in this tutorial. The following list includes numbers, which will be needed at tutorialstores if they don't currently carry the tutorial that you're looking for:

  • Sams Teach Yourself Java 2 in 21 Days, Fourth version, by Rogers Cadenhead (me! me! me!) and Laura Lemay. . Though some of the material in the first two weeks of this tutorial will be redundant, it covers it in more depth and adds a lot of advanced topics. If you're ready to make another 504-hour commitment to learning Java, this may be a suitable tutorial.
  • Eclipse Kick Start by Carlos Valcarcel. . A hands-on guide to the highly adaptable open source Java development environment.
  • Sams Teach Yourself J2EE in 21 Days by Martin Bond and others. . A tutorial for Java developers who want to use the Java 2 Enterprise version (J2EE).
  • JXTA: Java P2P Programming by Daniel Brookshier and others. . An introduction to Oracle' JXTA classes, which support peer-to-peer networked programming.
  • MySQL and JSP Web apps: Data-Driven Programming Using Tomcat and MySQL by James Turner. . Advice and coding tutorials for JavaServer Pages programmers using the MySQL database with their web apps.
  • Developing Java Servlets, Second version, by James Goodwill and Samir Mehta. . A tutorial on Java servlet and JavaServer Pages coding and how to use them with XML, Enterprise Java Beans, and the Java 2 Enterprise version.
  • Jini and JavaSpaces app Development by Robert Flenner. . A guide to wireless networked coding using JINI, Sun's technology for connecting different disconnected devices using Java.

s and other material from many Sams Publishing Java tutorials have been made available for free on the World Wide Web at InformIT, a website for information technology professionals produced in collaboration with Sams at http://www.informit.com. The Sams Publishing website, http://www., includes an online catalog, a list of upcoming releases, and links to author websites. It's a good place to see what's coming up from Sams Publishing and other parts of the Pearson Technology Group.