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Label (SWT control) 
label property
    action sets 
labels  [See text labels]
languages, changing 
launch configuration  2nd  3rd 
Launch Configurations dialog box 
    SWT and 
lib directory
    JAR files and 
    Struts example 
    struts.jar file 
    WEB-INF directory and 
libraries, creating projects and 
line breakpoints  2nd 
lines, manipulating 
linked folders  2nd  3rd 
Linux environment
    CVS and  2nd 
    Eclipse shortcuts 
    OLE and 
    SWT and 
Linux GTK environment
    browser widgets and 
    launch configuration 
    SWT and  2nd  3rd 
Linux GTK2 environment 
Linux Motif environment
    launch configuration 
    porting Eclipse 
    SWT and  2nd  3rd 
List (SWT control) 
List class (SWT)  2nd 
Listener class 
Listener object 
    buttons and 
    lists and 
    menus and 
    toolbar items and 
lists  2nd 
local variables
    converting to class fields 
    debugging  2nd 
    JDT editor and 
    stack frames and 
    watchpoints and 
logical modules 
<logic\:iterate> tag (Struts) 
    setting  2nd 
    Sun platform 
lowercase conversion