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F3 (Navigate Ý Open Declaration) 
F5 (Step Into)  2nd 
F6 (Step Over) 
F7 (Step Return) 
factorial method 
factory methods  2nd 
features directory 
    breakpoints and 
    constructors from 
    data types of 
    Eclipse 3.0 
    editing values while debugging 
    local variables and 
    searching for 
File Ý Export menu item 
File Ý Import menu item 
File Ý New Ý Class menu item 
File Ý New Ý Project menu item
    creating Java projects 
    creating plug-ins 
    new Tomcat projects 
    plug-in projects 
File Ý New Ý Scrapbook Page menu item 
File Ý Open External File menu item 
File Ý Save As menu item 
File Ý Save menu item 
FileDialog class (SWT) 
fileExitItemListener event 
    adding to projects 
    build files 
    committing  2nd 
    CVS repository and 
    editing outside workspace 
    refactoring across 
    searching across 
fileSaveItemListener event 
FillLayout class (SWT) 
filters  2nd 
FocusListener event (SWT) 
Folder Selection dialog box  2nd 
    .class files and 
    linked  2nd  3rd 
    projects and  2nd 
    source code 
    zzz  [See also directories output folder][See also directories output folder]
form beans  2nd 
FormLayout class (SWT) 
    displaying controls 
    Struts and 
Frame class (AWT)