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Generate Getter and Setter dialog box 
Generate Javadoc dialog box 
get method
    purpose  2nd  3rd 
GET requests (HTTP) 
getChecked method 
getDefault method (Display) 
getEditor method 
getFirstElement method 
getIDsOfNames method 
getMessage method 
getProperty element (JSP) 
getSelection method 
getSelectionIndices method 
getter methods  2nd  3rd 
getText method 
getWriter method 
GIF format 
graphical user interface  [See GUI]
GridLayout class (SWT) 
Group (SWT control) 
GUI (graphical user interface)
    AWT and  2nd 
    Eclipse workbench and 
    Java applets and 
    plug-ins and  2nd 
    Swing apps 
    SWT window and 
    V4ALL plug-in 
    views and