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Lambert's law 
LAoE for Java sound tool 
law of cosines  2nd 
    multi-layer textures  2nd 
LayoutManager  2nd 
lazilyExit() method  2nd 
LCD (liquid crystal display) monitors  2nd 
Leaf class 
LeafNode class  2nd 
LeafNode Inner Class of AStarSearchWithBSP listing 
leaves, BSP trees  2nd 
    2D BSP tres  2nd  3rd 
left-handed coordinate system 
less command 
level1.bsh listing 
    map editors  2nd  3rd 
Light-Weight Java Game Library (LWJGL) OpenGL bindings 
    ambient  2nd 
    bilinear interpolation  2nd 
    colored lights  2nd 
    cone lights  2nd 
    depth cueing 
    diffuse reflections  2nd 
    fake shadows 
    fMIP mapping 
    MIP mapping 
    normal maps and depth maps  2nd 
    radiating out like pyramids  2nd 
        applying shade maps  2nd 
        building shade maps  2nd  3rd 
        building shade maps onto surfaces  2nd  3rd 
        caching surfaces  2nd  3rd 
        creating shaded surfaces  2nd 
        falloff distance  2nd  3rd  4th 
        intensity, polygons  2nd  3rd 
        intensity, textures  2nd  3rd  4th  5th  6th  7th  8th  9th 
        shade maps  2nd  3rd  4th  5th  6th  7th  8th  9th 
    trilinear interpolation 
Line.Info class 
Line2D.Float class 
LineParser class  2nd 
Lines (sound files)  2nd 
    Clips  2nd 
    localLine variable  2nd  3rd 
LinkedList class 
    need for full-screen 
liquid crystal display (LCD) monitors 
        MouseTest.java  2nd  3rd 
Listener Get/Add/Remove Methods of GameObject.java listing 
    adapting to work with game objects  2nd  3rd  4th 
    GameObjectEventListener  2nd  3rd 
        GameObjectEventMulticaster  2nd 
    2D platform games
        addSprite() Method 
        Creating Transformed Images  2nd 
        Creature.java  2nd  3rd 
        getSpriteCollision() Method 
        getTileCollision() Method 
        isCollision() Method 
        loadMap() Method 
        Sample Ant Build Target for Making an Executable Jar 
        TileMap.java  2nd 
        updateCreature() Method 
    3D animation
        Movement Inner Class of MovingTransform3D 
        Rest of MovingTransform3D.java  2nd 
    3D graphics
        Polygon3D.java  2nd 
        PolygonRenderer.java  2nd 
        Scan Class 
        Simple Polygon Scan Conversion 
        Simple3DTest1.java  2nd 
        Transform Methods for Vector3D.java  2nd 
        Transform3D.java  2nd  3rd 
        Vector3D.java  2nd  3rd 
        ViewWindow.java  2nd  3rd 
    3D objects
        GameObject.java  2nd 
        MtlLineParser Inner Class of ObjectLoader 
        ObjectLoader.java  2nd  3rd 
        ObjLineParser Inner Class of ObjectLoader 
    AI (artificial intelligence)
        Aiming and Firing in AIBot 
        AttackPatternRush.java  2nd 
        BrainStat Inner Class of EvolutionGenePool 
        Convenience Methods in AIPattern 
        Decision Making in AIBot 
        Distance Methods of Vector3D 
        Extended setAIState() Method of AIBot 
        HeadsUpDisplay.java  2nd 
        Health Methods in AIBot 
        Noise Methods of GameObject 
        Random Functions of MoreMath.java 
        Regeneration Code of AIBot 
        Spawning in GameObject 
        State Machine Methods of AIBot 
        Wounded and Dying Methods in AIBot 
        Animation.java  2nd 
        AnimationTest1.java  2nd 
        AnimationTest2.java  2nd 
        Sprite.java  2nd 
        SpriteTest1.java  2nd 
        SpriteTest2.java  2nd  3rd 
    BSP trees
        BSP Building in BSPTest2D.java 
        BSPTreeBuilder.java  2nd  3rd 
        Clip Methods of BSPBuilder.java  2nd 
        Draw Order traverse() Method ofBSPTreeTraverser.java 
        getSide()Methods of BSPLine.java 
        In-Order traverse() Method ofBSPTreeTraverser.java  2nd 
        More getSide() Methods of BSPLine.java 
        SortedScanConverter.java  2nd  3rd 
        SortedScanList Inner Class of SortedScanConverter  2nd  3rd 
        T-Junction Removal Methods of BSPBuilder.java 
    collision detection
        Check Floor and Ceiling (CollisionDetectionWithSliding.java)  2nd 
        Checking Objects (CollisionDetection.java) 
        Checking Surrounding Cells (GridGameObjectManager.java) 
        Checking the Floor and Ceiling (CollisionDetection.java)  2nd 
        Checking Walls (CollisionDetection.java)  2nd 
        getLeaf() Method of BSPTree.java 
        Gravity and Scooting (Physics.java) 
        Intersection with a Line Segment with the BSP Tree (CollisionDetection.java)  2nd 
        Object-to-Wall Sliding (CollisionDetectionWithSliding.java) 
    collision handling
        Object-to-Object Sliding (CollisionDetectionWithSliding.java) 
        Trigger Case in CollisionDetectionWithSliding.java 
    delayed events
        Delayed Tasks in main.bsh 
        GameTaskManager.java  2nd 
        Moving Stairs in level1.bsh 
        ImageFont.java  2nd  3rd 
    full-screen mode
        FullScreenTest.java  2nd 
        ScreenManager.java  2nd  3rd  4th 
        SimpleScreenManager.java  2nd 
    game deployment
    game polishing
        Relevant Methods of GameStateManager.java  2nd 
    game scripting
        ScriptedListener Inner Class of ScriptManager.java 
        ScriptManager.java  2nd 
    GameCore.java  2nd 
    hidden surface removal
        ZBuffer.java  2nd 
        ImageSpeedTest.java  2nd 
        ImageTest.java  2nd 
        GameAction.java  2nd  3rd 
        InputManager.java  2nd  3rd  4th  5th  6th  7th 
        InputManagerTest.java  2nd  3rd 
        KeyTest  2nd 
        MouselookTest.java  2nd  3rd 
        Player.java  2nd  3rd 
        Building the Shade Map in ShadedSurface.java  2nd 
        Building the Surface in ShadedSurface.java  2nd 
        Creating a ShadedSurface Instance in ShadedSurface.java 
        Remaining Methods of ShadedSurface.java  2nd  3rd 
        ShadedTexture.java  2nd 
        ShadedTexturedPolygonRenderer.java  2nd 
        Adapting the New Listener Architecture in GameObject.java 
        Listener Get/Add/Remove Methods of GameObject.java 
    multi-player games
        Accepting Client Connections 
        GameEvent interface 
        GameEventDefault read and write Methods 
        GameServer initServerSocket() and run() methods 
        GameServer, getGameController(), and loadGameController() Methods 
        init.d Script 
        Initializing the Server 
        processEvent() with Timing Code 
        Reading GameEvents  2nd 
        RPSClient.java  2nd 
        SelectAndRead, addNewClient(), and checkNewConnections() 
        Writing Messages 
        Touch and Release Code in GameObject.java 
        AWT-Windows Thread 
        MemMonitor.java  2nd 
        Profiled Main Thread 
        TimeSmoothie.java  2nd 
        Trig Table Functions in MoreMath.java 
    path finding
        AStarSearch.java  2nd 
        AStarSearchWithBSP.java  2nd 
        getLeaf() Methods of BSPTree.java  2nd 
        LeafNode Inner Class of AStarSearchWithBSP 
        PathBot.java  2nd  3rd 
        Portal.java  2nd 
    polygon groups
        PolygonGroup.javaPolygonGroup.java  2nd 
    Sample Ant Build File 
        grabScreen() Method  2nd 
        saveScreenSnapshotAsThumbnail() Method 
        SaveStringBuffer.java  2nd 
        EchoFilter.java  2nd 
        Filter3d.java  2nd 
        Filter3dTest.java  2nd 
        FilteredSoundStream.java  2nd 
        MidiPlayer.java  2nd  3rd 
        SimpleSoundPlayer.java  2nd 
        SoundFilter  2nd 
        SoundManager.java  2nd  3rd  4th  5th  6th 
    Swing customization
    texture mapping
        Rectangle3D.java  2nd  3rd 
        SimpleTexturedPolygonRenderer.java  2nd 
        ThreadPool.java  2nd 
    user interfaces
        KeyConfigTest.java  2nd  3rd  4th 
        MenuTest.java  2nd  3rd 
little-endian format (sound) 
lo-fi microphones 
load balancing
    URL-based  2nd  3rd 
loadGameController() method 
loading screens 
loadMap() method  2nd 
loadMap() Method listing 
loadObject() method 
loadResources() method 
LoadStringBuffer object  2nd 
localBuffer variable
    sounds  2nd 
localLine variable
    sounds  2nd 
locking objects 
log files 
Log4J  2nd 
Logger class  2nd  3rd 
    debugging techniques  2nd  3rd 
    Java2D debugging 
    optimizing performance 
logging APIs  2nd 
long-term persistence of objects  2nd  3rd 
LongBuffer class 
lookup tables  2nd  3rd  4th  5th 
loop invariant hoisting  2nd  3rd  4th  5th 
loop unscrolling  2nd 
LoopingByteArrayInputStream class  2nd  3rd 
LoopingByteInputStream.java listing 
    animation loops  2nd  3rd  4th  5th  6th  7th 
LWJGL (Light-Weight Java Game Library) OpenGL bindings