Product Queries: Action (Do) vs. Information (Know) Intent

Some product queries, such as [ipad reviews], have a clear information-seeking (Know) intent. Other product queries, such as [buy ipad], have a clear purchase (Do) intent. And some product queries, such as [ipad],

have a clear navigation (Go) intent. However, most product queries don’t obviously specify one type of intent.
Even though the ultimate goal may be to purchase a product, many other activities may take place first: researching the product (reviews, technical specifications), understanding the options that are available (brands, models, pricing), viewing and considering various options (browsing), etc.
Give high utility ratings to results that allow users to research, browse, and decide what to purchase.
PQ ratings for product results need extra care and attention. Often, the results for product queries are YMYL pages. Users need high quality information from authoritative sources when researching products, especially when products are expensive or represent a major investment/important life event (for example cars, washing machines, computers, wedding gifts, baby products, etc). When buying products, users need websites they can trust: good reputation, extensive customer service support, etc. Results for product queries may be important for both your money and your life (YMYL)!

Query and User Intent

LP of the Result Block, Result Block, PQ Rating, Utility Rating


[high definition tv], English (US)

This query doesn’t specify a size or brand of TV. Users are probably doing research before making a purchase.

Landing page link: LP

The LP has comprehensive information about different types of high def TVs (plasma, LCD, LED), as well as reviews about many specific models. The website is known for having helpful reviews and information about electronics.

[Toyota Prius], English (US)

Most users who type this query are probably considering whether to buy a Toyota Prius and want information.

Landing page link: LP

The LP is on a well-known car review website. It would be very helpful for many or most users.

[floral girl toddler jeans size 3T], English (US)

The query is very specific. The user wants to browse and find an item to buy.

Landing page link: LP

This is a helpful page for browsing and shopping for toddler girls jeans. There are many options for floral jeans in size 3T. This is a high quality store known for selling jeans.

[cufflinks], English (US)

Find different cufflink styles and options. Browse or purchase cufflinks.

Landing page link: LP


The LP has a large collection of cufflinks from a very reputable retailer. There are many options and styles. This is a good page for browsing. There are helpful features at the top to choose styles, price range, etc.

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