Medium Quality Pages

Many pages are overall Medium quality. There is nothing “wrong” with Medium pages. However, it is easy to identify dimensions along which the page could be improved: they could have higher quality content, more content, more helpful and specific supplementary content, better layout, a better reputation, etc.

Medium quality pages have a purpose and they achieve that purpose.

Medium quality pages may have medium quality content, or even high quality content.

• The amount of MC on Medium quality pages is OK, though it may not be extensive.

• The page layout on Medium quality pages makes the MC visible.

• The space on Medium quality pages is used reasonably well.

• The SC on Medium quality pages is helpful or OK.

Medium quality pages appear on all sorts of websites (and, in fact, many pages on the web are Medium

quality). The website of the page you are evaluating should still "pass" all website checks.

Medium pages may appear on websites with positive, mixed reputation, or no reputation. Having many negative reviews is a possible reason to give a Medium rating, even to pages on a popular website. You will need to use your judgment, taking into consideration the mix of positive and negative reviews, the reasons for the negative reviews, and the overall reputation and popularity of the website.

Medium PQ


Medium 1

The PQ of this Wikipedia page is in the Medium range. Although some Wikipedia pages can be High or even Highest quality, this one does not have a lot of MC or include external references. Many Wikipedia articles have an extensive amount of information on the subject of the article, but this one does not. For example, it doesn’t include information about the range of sizes of baroque pearls, prices, etc.

Medium 2

This directory page is designed to provide information about a particular business. The quantity of MC on this particular page is lacking as there are no reviews, no information about the business other than contact information, no website link, etc. The page meets the minimum standards required for a Medium quality page, but there are many aspects that could be improved upon to make it more satisfying.

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