Low Quality Pages

Low quality pages come in many flavors. Usually, Low quality pages are lacking in one or a few of the aspects we consider for the page or the website.

Low quality pages may only be acceptable to users if there are no other higher quality pages. Many Low quality pages feel unsatisfying, especially to more discriminating users. Some Low quality pages may feel OK, but the website itself lacks enough information to feel credible or trustworthy.

Please note: If a page has low quality MC, please rate the page Low or Lowest quality. If the website that the page is on “fails” one of the website checks, please rate the page Low or Lowest quality. In other words, if any of your checks find an area of concern, do not hesitate to use Low or Lowest ratings.

Low quality pages usually have a purpose, though the purpose may be somewhat unclear or the page may not achieve that purpose well.

Low quality pages may have low quality MC. The MC may be higher quality but copied from another source (perhaps with minimal alteration).

• The amount of MC on Low quality pages may be lacking.

• The page layout on Low quality pages may be poor.

• The space on Low quality pages may not be used well.

• The SC on Low quality pages may be unhelpful or distracting or lacking.

Low quality pages may have an obvious problem with functionality or may have errors in displaying content.

For example, the MC of the page may fail to load. (Please note that if many pages on the website have problems, you should consider the website unmaintained and use the Lowest rating).

Low quality pages exist on all sorts of websites. In fact, many high quality websites have a few low quality pages. For example, most websites have a few pages with non-loading content or very little MC.

• Negative reputation alone can be the reason for a Low rating, but to assign this rating there must be evidence of an overwhelmingly negative reputation found on multiple sources.

• There are many “flavors” of Low quality pages. If a page does not live up to the standards established in these guidelines for any reason, please use the Low (or Lowest) rating.

Low PQ


Low 1

While the conversation on this Q&A page may be enjoyable or important to the individual participants, we must evaluate this page for the average user who is not a participant. There is no medical expertise involved in this discussion, which is enough to lower the PQ rating to the Low range for this YMYL page. In addition, the content is very superficial and obviously untrustworthy: "it depends, do u feel any pain? if so take an aspirin and go to the hospital.. do u feel any pain down your left arm or your jaw go to the hospital.." "your stupid !!! are you trying to kill your self !!! there i smore than 200 poisons in cigarettes ....... do you want to die ????"

Low 2

Even though the title of the article is “Cholesterol Warning Signs,” it is created without medical expertise (the author is an editor, novelist, and screenplay writer), which is enough to lower the PQ rating for this YMYL page to the Low range. In addition, most of the MC is general and available on many websites.

Low 3

Most people think of their pets as family members. We should have the same high standards for pet medical/health information as we do for our own medical/health information. The author does not have the expertise to be providing medical advice for a malnourished cat, which is enough to lower the PQ rating to the Low range for this YMYL page.

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