High Quality Pages

High quality pages are satisfying to users. High quality pages have a large amount of high quality content, good use of space, and are trustworthy and authoritative.

High quality pages have an obvious purpose and they achieve that purpose well.

High quality content is created by people with appropriate expertise.

High quality pages have high or highest quality MC.

High quality pages have a satisfying amount of MC.

• The page layout of High quality pages makes the MC clearly visible.

• The space on High quality pages is used reasonably well.

• The SC on High quality pages is helpful.

High quality pages appear on all sorts of websites, large and small, but the website of the page you are evaluating should "pass" all website checks, including the reputation check. High quality pages may be found on websites with a positive reputation or no reputation. They may even be found on mixed reputation websites, if they have enough positive evidence to support an overall High quality rating. High quality pages will not be found on websites with a negative reputation.

High PQ


High 1

This is a health news article on a popular and reputable website (WebMD). All of the on-page and website-level PQ checks look good.

High 2

The purpose of this page is clear, and there is a very large quantity of MC. The article does an extremely good job of citing resources (which are themselves reputable), so even though we don’t know who is responsible for the content, our concerns about medical accuracy/expertise are somewhat allayed. The references themselves are also valuable. The page has a satisfactory amount of helpful SC. The layout is good.

A rating of Highest is too high for a Wikipedia article on a medical (or other YMYL) topic. However, the quantity of information and the references allow us to rate higher than Medium. Although this page is not authoritative, the resources cited confer some evidence of authority/accuracy. This page achieves its purpose well and merits a PQ rating in the High range.

High 3

This is a blog post in the Style section of an award winning news website (New York Times). All of the on-page and website level PQ checks look good. Although this is not a “serious” news story, most blog posts by regular contributors on award winning news websites are considered High quality. As you can see here
, the author of the post is a regular contributor to parenting and other blogs on the New York Times website.

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