Summary of toolbar buttons from left to right

Printer Functions

1.Print - This button will send the current document to the printer

File Functions

2. New File - Create a new file in the current folder
3. Open File - Open a file, default filter is *.asm
4. Save File - Save the current foreground file in the MDI window
5. Save All Files - Save all open files

Standard clipboard functions

6. Cut
7. Copy
8. Paste

9. Undo
10. Redo
11. Delete

Search Functions

12. Find
13. Replace

Bookmark Navigation

14. Toggle Bookmark - Place or remove a bookmark at the current line
15. Next Bookmark - Jump to the next bookmark
16. Previous Bookmark - Jump to the previous bookmark
17. Clear All - Remove all bookmarks (Does not effect named bookmarks)

Tool window control

18. Show/Hide Output - Display or hide the output window at the bottom of the screen
19. Show/Hide Project - Display or hide the project window, (forces the Properties window closed)
20. Show/Hide Toolbox - Display or hide the control selection toolbox for the dialog editor
21. Show/Hide Properties - Display or hide the properties window (does not effect the Project window)

Make Functions

22. Assemble - Corresponds to the assemble item in the
23. Build - Corresponds to the build item in the Make menu
24. Run - Corresponds to the run item in the Make menu

25. Go - Corresponds to the go item in the Make menu

User Buttons

These two buttons correspond to the first and second user editable items on the tools menu (after the first separator). They can be given icons with the AddIn by Milos.

Add In Buttons

The remainder of the buttons are created by AddIns. The number of buttons and their appearance will vary depending on which AddIns you have enabled and in some cases the options for that Addin. In the toolbar demonstrated the following AddIns are enabled and have placed buttons on the toolbar;


Tip: The toolbar can be customized using the AddIn