RadToolbar allows you to customize the look of certain user interface components of RadASM, specifically the toolbar, menus, tool tips and the button images.

To use RadToolbar you must copy the DLL to the AddIns folder and enable it using AddIn manager.

The selections are as follows:

Enable Custom Toolbar enables the addin
Use phoenity buttons Changes the button style to those supplied by Lim Chee Aun
Cool menu "color" Causes the menus to be white with a colored bar down the side

If enabled all tool tips will have a higher contrast dark yellow background. The toolbar will be fully customizable, buttons can be removed or moved by double-clicking on an empty spot on the toolbar and adjusting the toolbar with the custom toolbar dialog.

Note: The phoenity buttons were supplied by Lim Chee Aun of for use with this AddIn in conjunction with RadASM exclusively. You must obtain permission from him in order to use them elsewhere. The images are Copyright 2003 Lim Chee Aun.