Navigating a project

There are many ways to navigate through your project in addition to the ones you are used to with Windows. All of the files associated with your project are displayed in the Project box (usually at the right of the editor). Double clicking on a file will open that file and it's appropriate editor or wizard. Any files that are opened by the code editor or the dialog editor are opened in Tabs that are displayed on the Tab bar (usually under the toolbar). RadASM offers and to make it easy to locate critical sections of code. There are features such as Find Declare that allows you to select an invoke statement and find the procedure it is calling, Return will send you back to the line that you began your search at, Goto Line will jump to a specific line number and Find Word will open a find dialog with the word at the current cursor position. There are for all of the navigation aids.

TIP: If your right click on a file in the project menu there is an Auto-Load option. Selecting this will cause that file to be loaded into the editor when the project is opened.