Using Bookmarks

Bookmarks are place markers that you place in your code in order to find critical sections more easily. RadASM has two different types of bookmarks, normal and named. Normal bookmarks are lost when a project is closed, named bookmarks are saved in the file and are loaded each time you open the project.

Normal Bookmarks: Toggle normal bookmarks on or off by using the right click menu on a line of code or by pressing the Shift-F8 key. Use the F8 key alone to move from bookmark to bookmark. Bookmarks span files in your project so if you have bookmarks in different files the code-editor will automatically bring the file that contains the bookmark to the front.

Named Bookmarks: Use the Ctrl-0 through 9 keys to set named bookmarks, once set you can jump to them by using the same key combination or the F8 key. To remove a named bookmark place the cursor on the bookmarked line and use Shift -F8 to turn it off.

You can remove all normal bookmarks by selecting Clear Bookmarks from the right-click menu, this will not remove named bookmarks.