Adding controls

To add a control to your dialog you have simply to select the control that you want, place the cursor on the dialog at the point you wish to add the control and hold down the left mouse button and drag the mouse until the rectangle is the size you want. Releasing the mouse button will show the control at the position and size you selected. The Properties box automatically shows properties that are available for that control see for information on setting the properties. To remove a control you select the control by clicking on it or selecting it from the drop-down combo box in the Properties box, and press the delete key.

The right click menu in the dialog editor gives you many options, these options are also available in the Format menu. The following is a summary of the menu functions :

Standard menu functions :

The following standard Windows clipboard functions work with the controls on your dialog:


Special menu functions :

Special menu functions control features of the editor

Lock Controls:     Lock the position and size of the controls
Send To Back:     Send the selected item to the bottom of the Z-Order, it will be clipped by higher items
Bring To Front:    Bring the selected item to the top of the Z-Order, it will clip by lower items
Show Grid:            Show the alignment grid to help in lining up controls

Alignment functions

The next menu items will only be enabled when you select more than one item by using the Ctrl Key :

Align:    Aligns the selected items based on the direction specified:
Left, Center, Right will align items up down
Top, Middle, Bottom will align the items left to right

Same Size:    make the items the same size in the direction specified (Width, Height or Both)

TIP: If you select a control the PgUp and PgDn keys can be used to change its tab index.