Release Notes

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- Added tool to change RadASM menu caption and accelerators.
- Added accelerator resource.
- Improved segment collapsing in RAEdit.
Assembler.ini section [CodeBlock] must be changed to take adventage of this improvement.
(GoAsm users should refer to the for changes to code structure)
- Fixed template bug where some resource files was not renamed.
- Fixed Export ID equates bug where some resource files was not included.
- Fixed a bug in RAGrid that caused constant repaint on some systems.
- Fixed a bug where modules was not assembled if in a sub folder.
- Included e-help addin.
- Added project groups and a tool to maintain groups.
- Menu editor now uses MENUEX resource type.
- Fixed prototype bugs.
- Fixed a menu on dialog problem.
- Edit control can now have caption.
- Several hla support improvements / bugfixes.
- Fixed a few minor bugs.
- A projects main filenames / build commands are now stored in the template when it is created.
- When you create a new project using a template, build commands and main files are taken from the template.
- Added [*PROJECTNAME*] command to template. Every occurrence of this keyword is replaced with the project name.
- ReallyRad now checks if obj file is newer than the source when assembling modules.
(Works safely on single file modules only. Included files and libraries are NOT checked).
- Improved Undo / Redo in RAEdit.
- Added Inactive, Right aligned and Help checkboxes to menu editor.
- Added VersionControl addin by WillASM. Combines Version-Inc and ProjectZip addins + much more.
- Added Edit / Open (Alt+Ctrl+O) opens file with the filename under the caret.
Current path and include path are checked for the file.
- Fixed several serious bugs.
- Updated / added AddinMana, ProjectZip, ReallyRad and Version-inc addins.
- Added RAGrid custom control. The source code for RAGrid can be found at the website.
- Changed add resource dialog. (Uses RAGrid).
- Changed add stringtable dialog. (Uses RAGrid).
- Resources (bitmaps, icons, ...) are stored in it's own file and are no longer added to main rc file.
- Versioninfo are stored in it's own file and are no longer added to main rc file.
- Exported update resource and stringtable calls to addins.
- Added masm dos projects. Big thanks to Cip.
- Added Main Project Files dialog.
- Fixed a few bugs.
- Integrated hex editor (remove HexVU addin).
- Fixed Versioninfo bug (only partially updated the .rc file).
- Made changes to how dialog editor saves controls to the .rc file.
-- All controls saved as type CONTROL.
-- Important: If changing old dialogs then listboxes might need Notify to be set to TRUE.
- Added Notify option to several controls.
- Added more dialog editor controls (HotKey, Pager, ReBar).
- The dialog controls caption is updated while typing.
- Added new styles to toolbar and statusbar controls.
- Added more functions to info tool (dialog and hex edit).
- Improved hla support.
- Several minor changes / bug fixes.
- Added Delete project
- Added Color themes
- Added new info tool window.
- Added donkeys RADToolBar addin. Lets you customize the RadASM toolbar. (Dbl click on the toolbar).
- Made code properties more flexible. Assembler.ini section [Code] changed.
- Made code write macros more flexible. Assembler.ini section [CodeMacro] changed.
- Made collapsible code blocks more flexible. Assembler.ini section [CodeBlock] added.
- Improved auto brackets. Works on both [ and ]. Auto brackets a word, left or right.
- Several minor improvements and bug fixes.
- Improved huge project support.
- Projects loads faster.
- Projects code properties refreshes faster.
- Multi file select on template creation and add existing files to project.
- Convert tab to space and space to tab now works on whole line, not only on the indent.
- Export ID equates now supports both ver 1.00 and ver 1.01 dialogs. Also autosaves before exporting.
- Non existing projects on MRU projects list is removed on startup.
- Several bugs fixed in RadASM and RAEdit.
- Added NoteTools and HexVU addins.
- Updated BitMask, ButtonChanger and Colref addins.
- Exported more RadASM functions/data/handles to addins.
- Options to set default dialog ID and controls start ID.
- You can now Run with debug from the make menu.
Note: You must update the assembler.ini files to get this feature.
- Several minor bugs fixed.
- Option to auto open last project.
- Assembler errors are now bookmarked and line with error is hilited.
From edit menu you can goto next error and clear all errors.
See RadASMini.rtf section [Error] for options.
- From Format menu you can now hide selected lines.
- Fixed a few bugs in RAEdit
- Added support for enviroment variables read from assembler.ini.
    See RadASMini.rtf section [Enviroment] for more info.
- Made several changes to fasm.ini, hla.ini and goasm.ini
- Added addin message AIM_COMMAND and AIM_COMMANDDONE to properties context menu.
- Debugger can be run from the run command
- Bug in CreateProject addin fixed.
- F1-Help files can now be defined in Assembler.ini
- Several fixes to hla support.
- Fixed a bug where code complete listbox could go off screen.
- Fixed a bug with local procs tooltip. Also works with GoAsm.
- Added bitRAKE's api constants.
- WARNING: There is a bug in the CreateProject addin created by minor28.
The bug seem to be related to (Untitled) files and will cause RadASM to GPF.
- Fixed a bug where RadASM would GPF after saving (Untitled) file.
- Added support for structure item code complete in hla projects.
- Macro menu definitions moved from RadASM.ini to assembler.ini.
- Tools menu definitions moved from RadASM.ini to assembler.ini. Defaults read from RadASM.ini.
- Help menu definitions moved from RadASM.ini to assembler.ini. Defaults read from RadASM.ini.
- Support for melt 2.0.10
- Support for GoAsm
- Fixed a scroll bug when DBCS font in RAEdit.
- Fixed a Macro / Manage bug (removed path from macro filename).
- More color highlighting
- Color group 13: Window messages and API constants
- Color group 14: API 's
- Color group 15: Structures
- If a help menu command contains .exe, then it is treated as a tools menu command.
- Fixed a bug on tools menu (removed a space at the end of the command).
- Fixed a bug in RAEdit (could when height of edit control less than font height).
- Fixed TASM **Warning** bug.
- It is no longer possible to have more than one instance of a file open.
- Fixed an auto horizontal scroll paint bug. (Last entered character was not painted)
- You can now set the assembler without opening a project. (Project / Set Assembler)
- Custom colors from the color dialog are now saved to INI file.
- Fixed too fast selection scroll problem.
- Fixed a bug with out-dent on collapsed procs.
- Fixed comment highlighting on include / includelib line bug.
- Changed comment (F10 to Alt+F9) and uncomment (Ctrl+F10 to Alt+Ctrl+F9) to free F10 for the standard menu functions.
- RadASM can now support more than 5 assemblers / hll's.
- Several minor bug fixes.
- There are now 16 keyword groups
- Some groups can be used for .RC files
- Support for uppercase keywords (precede keyword with a '^').
- New Color & Keyword option dialog
- New Printer Option dialog
- Fixed a template bug (filenames in main RC file was not changed).
- Improved support for nested procs expand/collapse.
- Fixed a splash screen left margin problem.
- Several improvements for HLA support.
- Added support for nested procs collapse / expand.
- Added support for comment blocks.
- Added support for Randall Hyde's HLA.
- Made changes to how Ctrl+Up / Down works in RAEdit.
- Project scanner now uses RAEdit's character table.
- Sniplet edit window now processes keyboard input.
- Fixed proc properties parse and find bugs.
- Added AddIn.
- Added AddIn.
- Added AddIn.
- Added AddIn.
- Fixed a few bugs.
- Added Recent files to File menu.
- Added keyboard commands to RAEdit:
- Ctrl+Alt+ or AltGr+
- InsertShow/Hide line numbers
- HomeJump between splits
- EndOpen/Closes split
- Page UpCollapse all procs
- Page DownExpand all procs
- Up / DownSizes splits
- Included enhanced version of Milos AddIn.
A must for medium / large projects. You can dblclick in output window
to jump to the unreferenced variable.
- Fixed bug make menu enabling when tools menu changed
- Fixed bug codewrite macro not always working
- Sniplet window now processes keyboard commands (Esc, Tab & Enter)
- Added possibility for sub menus on tools, macro and help menu.
See included file ConfigMenu.txt
- Fixed a bug that caused ToolBox button icons to turn black on win95
- AddIns can now override RadASM's default toolbar tooltips (RAM_TBRTOOLTIP).
- Fixed a minor codewrite macro bug.
- Fixed a bug in RAEdit that caused character table to not always be used.
- Fixed a bug that caused Ctrl+Z / Ctrl+Y to not work on some keyboards
- Added option to open code files with procs collapsed.
- Code and text font style is now saved to INI.
- Improved word select / jump (Ctrl+<Right / Left Arrow>)functions.
- Better support for fonts (Chinese, Japanese, Korean).
- Better support for Western and Cyrillic character sets.
- Fixed bugs related to edit overwrite mode.
- It is now possible to setup how RadASM handles individual characters.
See for more info. Should make it possible
for RadASM to handle other programming languages than assembly.
- Fixed an accelerator bug (Ctrl+C / Ctrl+V).
- Fixed an output window bug that could cause RadASM to .
- Fixed an Alt Gr key problem in RAEdit
- Changed Alt+Ctrl accelerators to Shift+Ctrl in RadASM
(Alt Gr key problems on some keyboards)
- Fixed double click on error in ouput window bug for tasm / fasm.
- Added support for (Masm Error Lookup Tool)
Double click on error number in output will launch melt.
See included melt.txt for more info.
- You can now select which pages to print.
- Shift+Space to show word list is now an option.
- You must now press Ctrl+Shift+Space to copy text from api tool tip. Ctrl/Shift+Space activates word list.
- Fixed a bug with Ctrl+Space when api list has focus.
- Fixed a resource leak in RAEdit (Button bitmaps)
- Fixed a few minor bugs in RAEdit (Replace selection in overwrite mode, caret positioning in upper split window)
- Added Shift+Delete (Cut)
- Added Ctrl+Delete (Extend selection to end of word and delete selection)
- Added Ctrl+Backspace (Extend selection to start of word and delete selection)
- Fixed a minor bug in RadASM (Slow edit after large selection jump)
- Fixed a scrollbar bug in RAEdit.
- Fixed a MDI restore bug in RadASM.
- Added page break marker to selection bar in RAEdit. Page size can be set in Code Editor Options
- Made changes to how bitmaps are added to toolbox buttons.
- Made changes to dialog editor grid brush. Should now work on Win95 if set to 4x4
- Speed optimized painting in RAEdit.
- Added option for flicker free drawing. Disable if you have a paint speed problem.
- Fixed a bug where code blocks was not marked on paste/undo.
- Included X05's AddIn.
- Fixed a find and replace bug.
- Made some speed optimizations.
- Added double click on splitter bar/button to close/open a split.
- Fixed a sniplet tool bug.
- Fixed a proc argument parse bug.
- Fixed a tools menu problem (spaces in filenames).
- Fixed a bug that could cause NT 4.0 to
- Added option for proc divider line.
- Expand / collapse no longer goes to first line.
- Got rid of richedit and used my own edit control (RAEdit).
-- Flicker free highlighting.
-- Support for fonts.
-- Expand / collapse procs.
-- Line numbers.
- Fixed prototype bug.
- Fixed a codemacro bug that could cause FASM projects to
- Fixed a project wizard bug that made NT4.0 .
- Fixed a project scan bug. (Caused to fail on control dblclick)
- Fixed a show output window bug in FlipCase.dll. (You had to click show output twice.)
- Fixed a dialog editor bug. Deleting an IP-address control would also destroy the dialogs font.
- If auto show / hide output option is not set ( option 32), then a click on right pane of status bar shows / hides output window.
- Fixed large selection while API constants listbox visible bug. (Caused a )
- Fixed missing scrollbar in resource combo.
- Right click on a tab button now selects the tab.
- Fixed double click in code properties with no selection bug.
- Fixed font not set when switching assembler bug.
- Ctrl+Tab selects next tab.
- Shift+Ctrl+Tab selects previous tab.
- Fixed about box.
- Fixed a nasty bug with wordlist parsing. Caused RadASM to enter infinitive loop when wordlist listbox was about to show.
- Added Create proto to Properties popup menu.
- Fixed a highlighting bug that would leave a "box" character at the end of a comment line.
- Fixed unions in structure problems.
- Fixed a bug with goto declare on empty line.
- Improved Code Editor Options dialog and added option to set code file extensions.
- Added many new options to Code Editor Colors to improve font handling.
-- Shift highlight down:
--- Some fonts makes the highlighting misalign (font height confusion).
-- Use :
--- To support Chinese characters in strings and comments.
-- Exact italic draw:
--- Draws italic characters one at a time.
-- Shift italic up.
--- Draws italic 1 pixel up to prevent loss of underscore on some fonts.
-- Shrink italic.
--- Shrinks the italic font. You must also use Exact italic draw.
-- Exact bold draw.
--- Draws bold characters one at a time.
- Option to select font (Chinese).
- Option dialog to set internal file browser options (filter and folders).
- Option dialog to set external file handling.
- Added two user buttons to toolbar. They connect to top items in tools menu.
- Fixed a bug regarding code complete on structure items.
- You can now set breakpoints on a selection to single step parts of the code.

Whats new since
- RadASM now supports spaces in filenames.
- RadASM detects if resources needs to be recompiled. (Build and Go command)
- Source code breakpoints.
-- Close to source code debugging.
-- Does not clutter your code.
-- As easy as setting a bookmark
- Copy project or file browser filenames to code. (Right click menu)
- Expand / collapse project groups on dbl click.
- Code properties combo holds selection during refresh.
- Help, Tools and Macro menu options dialog now has a file browse button.
- Project options dialog made sizeable.
- Made some changes to breakpoints handling. Added log capability.
- Added drag and drop files. Dragging and dropping a file from Explorer will open it in RadASM.
- Fixed a print bug.
- Add any file to help menu.
- Added more API constants to files.
- Code properties right click menu.
-- Goto declare
-- Find / Find Next / Find Previous
-- Copy to code
- Latest version of debug macros.
- Latest demo version of my spread sheet / grid custom control.
- Fixed context menu position when using keyboard.
- RadASM now handles relative paths.
- Dragging and dropping a project file now opens the project.
- Included X05's PathExplore AddIn.
- Added AVI and RCDATA resource types.
- Updated AddIn to support new resource types.
- Added animate control.
-- Plays your avi at design time.
- Added IP-Address control.
- Added more styles to monthview control.
- Added a few more constants to ****ApiConst.api files.
- More intuitive tool window docking.
- Added Tool Windows options.
- Support for Chinese characters. See RadAsmini.rtf for more info.
- New code property, messages.
-- Lets you go directly to a window message handling such as WM_PAINT or WM_COMMAND.
-- Uses a xxxxMessage.api file, so customizing to your needs is easy.
-- You can press F3 to go to the next occurrence.
-- Note: Add Message=Masm\masmMessage.api to section [Api] in masm.ini
-- See RadAsmini.rtf for more info.
- Included Eviloid's AddIn.
- Updated ****ApiConst.api and ****ApiStruct.api files.
- You can now use Alt+0..9 to select a tab.
_ Your projects procs are added to API list and API tool tip.
-- Very useful on medium and large projects.
- Code properties right click menu now has Scan Project
-- Scans project for occurrences of the word. A list is output
to Output window #1. You can dbl click on a line to go to code.
- Fixed a bug that caused RadASM to on files that contained Chinese.


Source code breakpoints:

Add RADbg.dll to AddIns.


x=Next free number
y=0Source code breakpoints.
y=1Int 3 breakpoints. No interaction with RadASM.
y=16Also shows results in RadASM output window#1.
y=17-31Only shows result in RadASM output window#1. Delay y-16 seconds.

Limitations to source code breakpoints.

1. Add to your project.
2. Running old exe with breakpoints in a newly opened project will not work.
RadASM's current window handle is assembled into your code. Always rebuild exe.

Tip: Create a keyboard macro to include to your code.

The above does not apply if you are using int 3 breakpoints and a debugger.

You must use RADbg.dll and version or higher with this version of RadASM.