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On with the Reference... This Reference has been compiled to a CHM file by Andrew Tait I do not claim that I wrote this documentation, I only compiled it for convienience. This reference is Copyright 1997 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Why did I compile it you ask? Well all the seperate HTML files took 30 MB on my Hard Disk, even though there is only 1.59 MB of files. That it due to my cluster size of 32 KB and FAT16 file system. Don't worry if you don't understand. Compiling it saved more than 29 MB on my Hard Drive, plus make it easier to use. Other reference are also avaliable on my home page at so check it out some time. If you need any coding done for your web site, feel free to contact me to find the best solution for you. I have fixed some minor errors in here, such as invalid links and incorrect font tags. I have only added three pagess to this reference, Introduction (this page), Advantages and . I have not touched any other part of this document except to fix minor errors. This CHM file was made with the HTML Help Construction Workshop. A great companion to this is the ActiveX Control Pad, which will assist you in VBScript and JavaScript Programming. Find it at Good Luck, Andrew Tait On with the Reference...