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What are the advantages of having this reference in a CHM file?

  1. It is only one file, not more than 930!
  2. Reduced file size! On a 1.2 GB HD with the FAT16 file system, this reference would use 30 MB of HD space, even though there is only 1.6MB of files! Ona 2+ GB HD, it would take 60 MB! On a 4+ GB HD it would take an amazing 120 MB for only 1.6 MB of files. There are some serious space savings to be made there!
  3. Easy to use menu.
  4. This file is much less than the distribution file from the Microsoft site, and is still in a useable format.
  5. Files are compressed to 15% of their original size, saving even more disk space.
  6. You stilll get al lthe features of IE4, such as ActiveX, VBScript, JavaScript plus more in CHM files.
  7. CHM will be the new help format for Windows 98.

And the disadvantages?

  1. You need either Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 on Windows 95, or Windows 98 to view it.
  2. It is harder to extract sepcific information, although easier to find it first.
  3. Files are compressed so time is used to uncompress them.