The requirement is for an online seat reservation system for the X Center, an arts and entertainment complex that presents shows in a range of genres such as opera, concert, theater, and comedy. The X Center currently has three performance halls. Each has a default seating plan, used for most performances, but occasionally a particular show may vary this slightly. The seating plan for Mahler's Eighth Symphony might need to remove 20% of seats from sale to accommodate the choir. When Zanetti's circus performs, 6 seats from each row between the stage and the rear of the hall must be withdrawn from sale to make room for the caged walkway through which the lions move. This also affects which seats are considered adjacent. The X Center is owned by the Z Group, an international entertainment company that owns many other theaters and entertainment venues. The Z Group views the online tutorialing system for the X Center as a pilot, and hopes to use it as a basis for systems for its other venues. Hence from the initial release, this system must allow for rebranding. It must be possible to change the presentation of the site without changing the basic functionality, so that another theatre in the group could allow its customers to tutorial tickets with presentation following that theatre's own branding. Some of the X Group's other venues are in non-English speaking countries, so although there is no immediate requirement for internationalization, it will be necessary if the system is successful. Some venues are in multi-lingual countries such as Switzerland, so if the system is adopted in these venues it must allow users to choose their own language. The X Center presently has no online ticketing system. Its 5 to 10 box office employees (more casual staff are employed during peak times) presently use a client-server system based around an Oracle database. No part of this system, except perhaps parts of the database schema, is likely to be reusable for the web interface.


The following business requirements do not attempt to describe every functional aspect of a ‘real world’ ticket reservation system.