Requirements for the Sample app


In this chapter, we will specify an app realistic enough to provide the basis for worthwhile discussion of J2EE architectural decisions and a meaningful implementation exercise. This app has been designed from the business perspective (with generous input from a business analyst friend) rather than a J2EE technology perspective. Although it is simpler than a real app to avoid introducing irrelevant detail, it is more than an excuse to demonstrate a preconceived set of J2EE technologies. We will refer back to this chapter throughout the rest of this tutorial to underpin technical decisions, the development of a testing strategy and as we approach implementation.


Real app requirements will be more formal than those presented in this chapter. For example, I haven't used any particular methodology (such as the Rational Unified Process) for presenting requirements. The aim here is not to provide an example of how to formulate business requirements, but to convey clear, concise requirements that will provide a basis for discussing the J2EE solution that we'll build throughout the rest of the tutorial.